in response to your real life stress about not being in a relationship. why does that matter to you so much? your 20s are for living and figuring shit out. your 30s are for dating. and i dont mean live it up drink it down fuck random biddies so frat stupid bull shit. i mean youre relatively new to the world outside of college and and youll have so many awesome opportunities and you might not necessarily be living where you are for very long. you never know where life will take you. have fun

Well in reality I don’t see myself leaving Boston any time soon. I love this city, the location, the sights, everything.

But aside from that, a lot of my happiness stems from my ability to make others happy. Granted on a day to day basis I’m pretty content or emotionally unaffected by what goes on. But when I’m able to make someone’s day, whether it’s through something simple like a good morning text or compliments or whatever and being appreciated and making someone else’s day better, that’s how my day gets better.

Also, as with everyone in life, I have my own history and memories and personal reasons and shit for all my feelings and outlooks and opinions, which don’t need to be aired out on social media. Those who I trust, they know and they understand.

But I appreciate the concern. But at the end of the day, the thing that matters to me is making someone else’s day brighter.